Unlock the value of conversation using AI

AI Conversations

Compliance & Quality Management


From 1% to 100% –  AI-enabled Compliance & QA help reduce operating costs, compliance risk and provide actionable insights into customer and employee performance.

Topic & Sentiment Indexing


Making Sense of Customer conversations!  Provides actionable insights into business topics and customer and agent sentiment using AI and machine learning.

Predictive Insights

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It’s What they Say ! – Predictive analytical models can be embedded into your business processes, optimising sales or reducing costs

Our Services

Torquex SAAS


Whether its hosted or on-site or our Hosted Analytics product enables a modular approach to capture and analyse huge amounts of data from different business units to truly power your customer journey mapping.

Professional Services


From initial installation, project audits, application & product support and quality assurance through to ongoing monthly  support we provide a range of professional services to ensure you maximise your investment.

Consulting Services


As specialists in big data we provide a range of consulting services to help unlock the power within your data. Services include customer journey mapping, contact centre process optimisation and more.

Customer Engagement Optimisation

Powering Customer Experience

Customer engagement optimisation graph

Customer Engagement Optimisation is about providing fast, efficient service that’s highly personalised and delivered consistently across whatever combination of channels a customer chooses.

Torquex Engagement Analytics

analysing data

Torquex Engagement Analytics captures the customer, the employee, the transaction, and the interaction data from different channels and systems and consolidates it on an intuitive dashboard.

Users of Customer Engagement Software


Whatever role you play within your business, you likely impact customer experience. The decisions you make about product, marketing, operations, call center, or even internal processes contribute to a customer’s single perception of your brand.